Image by Matt Nelson



Sadly my beautiful boy Winston was attacked in the summer and had become a nightmare on and off a lead. It had gotten to the point where I wouldn’t walk him without my husband because of fear of Winnie barking and lunging for other dogs. When I got in touch with Samantha and explained the situation she immediately calmed me down (I was becoming part of the problem) our first session was unreal! Her advice and knowledge was phenomenal, things I didn’t even know existed! She advised us of things to buy such as a new harness and gave us homework to do with Winston at home and how to rebuild his confidence around other dogs whilst out and about. This was 3 weeks ago and Winston has come on leaps and bounds. He’s so much more relaxed and so am I. We are slowly building Winston up to being off a lead around other dogs again and I can’t wait to have my happy bouncy collie back.

Samantha is always on hand for advice and always setting new homework/Routines to keep Winston stimulated. She’s has been an absolute god send to us and Winston. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Ellis Wainwright