What We Offer You and Your Pets


What to expect from your group classes ?
After lock down it is very likely your dog will struggle to focus on their very first group training session, particularly so if they haven’t done any sort of formal training at all before
There may well be some barking, lunging and crying but that’s ok we deal with the causes of these behaviours by encouraging your dog to focus on you the handler before the dogs, we teach them to be around dogs and new people without excitement or without any bad experiences. The more and more your dog has these encounters the more the unwanted behaviour natural dies off and more importantly stay gone
We treat each dog in the group individually and deal with their stressors in a way which best suits them, for example if one dog is particularly overwhelming to another we ensure these have space from each other during training but are still within eye shot meaning they are learning to be around their stressor within a manageable way
Please do not be put off thinking your dog may cause issues for others we are all here to learn and all trainers and handlers are very welcoming and encouraging, we all want each and every dog to make their own individual growth journey
each class is a slightly different mix up of exercises, we like to keep the dogs on their toes and keep the classes interesting for dogs and handlers alike
All based on focus work, lead work, recall and little agility and play time
Basic structure :
-arrival gain handler focus and get the dogs to disconnect to distractions
- lead work walking to the left and right side
- lead work past other dogs without engaging
- basic simple recall work
- beginners agility
- play time and break, we encourage all dogs to be let off lead we have long leads and muzzles where required and have plenty of refreshments for handlers and love to see you all charting amongst yourselves as we watch the dogs interacting and learning how to approach each other
- advanced lead work with distractions
- advanced agility
- trick training
Who is group training suitable for
friendly dogs
-over friendly dogs
-reactive dogs (nervous or aggressive we have the space to give your dog the distance to progressively improve )
-dogs with basic training skills to build up on distractions
-dogs with no basic training to build on the basic and provide some good tricky distractions to the less reactive / easily distracted
-loud dogs
-quiet dogs
-big dogs
-small dogs
-everything in between dogs
-absolutely no breeds excluded
-previous bite history accepted but only with prior 1-1 training and muzzle training !
We always welcome feedback and encourage you as the customer to be entirely open with what you enjoy and don’t enjoy as well as taking onboard any ideas of what you would like incorporating into classes


We care about your dog as much as you do

We care about how you as a person feel during classes

This is why we will never ever make you feel awful for mistakes, we will never loose patience with you or your dog, we will never put your dog at risk physically or emotionally.

We ensure they know both right and wrong! We don’t confuse or complicate their lives by only teaching one or the other

We will always explain fully why we do things the way we do to help you understand the reasons for our training methods

And we will do everything in our power to make you feel welcome and create a supportive, happy and friendly community which doesn’t stop at the training field, organised walks, events and groups dedicated for members to keep up with each other. No matter what you and your dog need we got you, even if that means we take your dog for you when it all gets too much because we know it can, we guide you through your mistakes not humiliate you

We organise fun days and events which you can bring your entire dog and family too like our sports day and Christmas party, we do this in our own time with our own money in order to keep a fun community feel with all training and because we care !

It’s real training that translates to real life, no more big progress but slow progress outside! Our training works so that the biggest results happen out there in the real world !

We are here through all the ups and down of owning a dog helping you through any challenge you face and celebrating each mile stone reached

We care about your dogs

We care about you


This service is designed for dogs who require more Intensive training, dogs with serious long term behaviour issues such as aggression, separation anxiety etc
We aim to keep these sessions to as few as possible meaning we pass on lots of information and techniques which you will be required to continue independently, it is important the bulk of the work is done independently without trainer present to avoid the association of new behaviour with trainer rather than with you the owner. 
For areas outside a 5 mile radius of wa60el travel charges will apply £1 per extra mile, if you are more than an hours drive you will need to book a video call session instead


This is a suitable add on a long side any other training (group classes, 1-1 training etc.) One of our team will collect your dog for you, take them out with training included. All walk & trains include loose lead walking, heal work and polite passing of dogs and people. Any requests of training you would like your dog to work on (lunging, barking etc.) please let us know on request and we can add that into the walk. During this session your training will provide videos explaining the work we are putting in and breaking it down so you have full understanding how to continue and the reasons too. We hold key holder insurance so you being home during this service is not a must. 

Travel costs may apply at £1 per mile for each extra mile exceeding 5 miles of wa60el


This service is exclusive to existing clients only and is subject to approval based on suitability of the dog and the day requested 
It will be a similar lay out to the train and walk and include all the training we provide during a train and walk, with additional benefit of time we will also include exposure to busy areas, new environments, life stock, dogs, humans, pub/cafe calmness, pet store appropriate behaviour as well as anything you specify you would like to work on
The aim of this service is to create a confident and content dog in all situations, we don't all have the time for this type of regular exposure so if you are struggling why not allow us to take over


£30 first night £25 each subsequent night

carried out by James and Codie

Our over night stays are provided by our junior trainers.

During the stay the trainer will stay in your home to care for your dog.

what's included:

-feeding as directed by ourselves

-walks at least 2 half hour walks a day, you can custom request length and amount of walks

-training at your own home using our online games to keep your dog stimulated

-your dog will be brought along to any training classes running where it is suitable and feasible with staff for extra socialisation and learning

-trainer will offer the chance to meet and greet before hand

- bins taken out on bin day by request

-other pets such as cats or fish fed and plants watered by request


please bare in mind the following:

-trainers still have lives and need to earn a decent living and there fore this is not 24/7 company for your dogs and there Weill be periods where your dog is left alone. This is also important for your dog in order to not cause over attachment or separation anxiety issues. We will always aim for the maximum alone time to be 3 hours at most, on a very rare occasion it may be more but we guarantee it will never be more than 6 hours and these prolonged periods will absolutely always be avoided and not treated as standard, your dog will always be left well walked, fed if needed and with fresh water available

-subject to preapproval from yourselves trainer may bring their own dog to stay also, this will only ever be as agreed and only after a suitable meet and greet

- travel costs may apply please ensure you gain a full quote before booking

-you are required to provide your pets food or funding if you require trainer to provide/restock


The principal for our video calling is just as the 1-1 training as spoken about above but for those who cannot, for any reasons such as distance or even budget, use the in person 1-1 training
video call training absolutely can be just as effective as a 1-1 session. We can easily guide you through all the information and techniques you need to achieve your desired behaviour. Video calls can be done via zoom, Facebook video call, or FaceTime


Are you getting married soon and want your dog/s to be part of the day/photos but unsure of the logistics ? We are here to help with our new wedding concierge package! We will collect your beloved pooch from relevant location weather its your home, friends, family, kennels etc and bring them along to as much of your day as you want them to be there for, weather it be an hour or so for some photos (we will help with getting some decent poses from your pooch) to the full event and anything in between. Being trainers we will work hard to keep your dog as calm as possible and will take them out of situations that become too much for them.  We will then drop them back home or where they are going to stay and can feed/ water them as needed. For absolute peace of mind why not combine this service with our over night stays ?

£20 per hour


Exposure Walks

Similar to our exposure days, we have created a service where owners can come along with their dog, guided by a trainer working their dog in busy environments. This training is personalised to you, with constant supervision by a trainer to work on excitement, nerves or anything in-between with your dog. This service includes multiple dogs booking on whilst allowing you the space to keep as much distance as your dog needs.

Locations change weekly depending on the dogs booked on

Fun Pack walks 


We do offer fun pack walks 
This is not an appropriate way to socialise a dog
a way for well socialised dogs to let off steam after training all week
Trust us when we say you can see the difference in the dogs who are mainly kept under control around dogs vs the ones who mainly go on play dates or so-called socialisation meets where dogs are taught over excitement around others 
Think of this as a gym goers rest day, a very important part of a training schedule but you can’t call it a training schedule if your days are all or majority rest days !  
This is first and foremost for safety but also due to the fact this type of session is not designed to be a dogs primary socialisation, it is well socialised dogs to decompress and have fun, and for those dogs fun time is essential 
Proper socialisation is calm exposure to new environments and experiences, it involves teaching your dog to switch off to surroundings including other dogs and is far more difficult than play groups 
We want to provide a fun environment but in a responsible way which won’t encourage bad behaviour such as running off, pulling on lead, over excitement around dogs and lead reactivity all of which can and will develop if this is your idea of good socialisation, this is decompression and  should be used as such for suitably socialised digs 
If you wish to attend pack walks you must train with us a MINIMUM once a week, have reasonable recall, have suitable if tag and collar in your dog, and have completed 1 walk and train or 1-1 services with us  or you will be refused a spot
We use areas where the dogs can run through open fields, explore woodlands, splash in lashes and streams and sniff to their hearts content ! 
Pick up and drop off times will vary from those shown as trainers are collecting numerous dogs but as we are fully insured key holders you can simply give us a key or tell us a safe place it’s left and we can collect and drop off even whilst you work